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From bikes to food to bags to shoes to mobile phone to electronic gadgets we all have that someone in our life for which we are deeply and madly in love with. We take care of that thing like we take care of some little kid. We are so possessive about it that if something happens to it all we think is about that thing only. We cannot rest in peace until it is perfectly okay.
May seem weird to some of you but we have extremely crazy and weird sets of people on this planet who can do anything for their favourite things.
We have collected some quotes which are absolutely relatable to the people who have this never-ending love for the materialistic things.

1. Our Family is always gonna be there with us and my things are my family which will never leave me.

2. I have my own standards and that is why I have it.

3. Who says you cannot get happiness from the materialistic things? My things know how to make me happy.

4. My things allow me to do all valuable things in life.

5. My things don't lie or cheat to me.

6. They are just not things they are my life.

7. Yes, I am obsessed about my things and I don't regret it because doing what you like is happiness.

People may find us mad but this is how we are and what we are is the feeling these people have and I guess there is nothing wrong in it unless it is affecting anyone. Isn't it?

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design credits - Vikas Kakkar
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