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Marriages, the fun-filled and an exciting affair of which we surely want to part of but does that happens always? I don't think so. A lot of times the societal expectations also make you attend weddings which you surely hate going to but we have to be part of it just because we Indians have this tradition of satisfying the society no matter you like it or not.
Things are however not that simple. Indian society and our family is much complicated than the most difficult mathematical equations which most of us hated. Difficult to understand but you cannot escape it as it is a crucial part of our life.
Our relatives never fail to find loopholes in everything when it comes to weddings and the culture is highly prevalent in the Punjabi culture. The complaints start from the distribution of cards and the list is endless which continues forever and ever.
Things you will hear from that dur ke rishtedar during wedding times

1. Shadi ke card ke sath mithai bhi nahi de gaye.

2. Kitne kanjoos hai kaisi mithai di hai sabko.

3. Koi bada bhi nahi aaya card dene.

4. Itni jaldi kyo aa gya shadi wale din hi aa jate card dene.

5. Kaisa card chapwaya hai

From finding problems in the quality of cards to the sweets they would not leave any chance to humiliate you but this is how things are you cannot do anything.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design credits - Vikas Kakkar
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