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Often regarded as ‘King Of Jungle’, lions are one fierce specie present on the earth. The aggressive animal looks magnificent with all those hair amplifying its glory. Here are some amazing facts to get to know this fascinating creature a bit more:

1). The colour of a lion’s coat differs from region to region. Lions that are found to live in cooler regions or with areas having higher humidity levels have a much thick and darker fur – such as the desert-adapted lions in Namibia.

2). African lions are the largest African cats and male lions can weigh up to 230 Kg, their height can level up to 1.2 metres whereas female lions can weigh between 110-152kg with a height levelling up to 1 meter.

3). Lions have four claws on their back feet, but five on the front including one dew claw. The dew claw is not seen in the foot, it supports a lion in holding on to its prey with good grip.

4). Despite being from the cat family, lions do not have vertical slits, but they have round pupils. This is because cats generally hunt on smaller things, therefore a vertical slit is sufficient for them but a lion hunts big animals, therefore it becomes very essential for a lion to have a more area of vision. Round pupil also allows more light to filter into the eye at night, giving the lion a better night vision.

5). Lions are extremely sociable beings, they will always be found living in groups of up to 20 individuals.

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- Shivam
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