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Hair loss is one of the most common issues globally; affecting one-third of the population. Each one of us loses one-hundred hair stands every day and many of us do not even know why? Thus, in this article, we will list some mistakes that you do that is leading to Hair fall and we will also go through some solutions that will help men to get rid of hair fall.

Here are some Mistakes you might be doing on a daily basis that is consistently damaging your hair.

Mistakes that is damaging your hair

Heat in any form is bad for your hair.
Avoid Shampoo which contains Sodium laureth sulfate
Wash hair products before going to sleep.
Live stress-free

Causes of Hair fall and how to fix it

1. Poor blood circulation
Even if you take a nutritional diet your Hair will fall as the crucial nutrients do no longer reach the scalp region. Why? because blood doesn't reach the scalp. Thus, it is advised to massage your scalp.

What oil do you use for a massage?

You must not use oils with synthetic fragrances because contain alcohol and alcohol isn’t appropriate for your hair. So it’s miles higher to apply mustard oil coconut oil or almond oil rather than synthetic oils.

2. Rise in the levels of DHT
A hormone called dihydro-testosterone is the reason for 90% of the hair loss in men. Here are some foods that can block DHT –

Fenugreek seeds
Mushrooms etc

3. Bad nutrition
Bad nutrition is the predominant reason for hair loss among ladies. If the body is deprived of vitamins for a very long time it could cause major hair fall. Here is what you need.

Omega 3

Omega-3 is a hair growth supplement. The fatty acids pass in and nourish supporting your hair develop thicker more potent and additionally reduces infection which leads the hair loss. masses of ingredients accessible incorporate omega-3 like fish, salmon, tuna, sweet, fish, walnuts, egg, yogurt etc.


Every hair strand is made up of protein so one should definitely have their daily dose of protein foods like- kidney beans, chickpeas, lentils, paneer, chicken, fish. These are all rich and protein and should be a part of your daily healthy diet.


Vitamin C and Iron are very important for hair health and prevents hair loss. All the green leafy vegetables like spinach, cauliflower are high-quality sources of Iron. Vitamin C is available in Amla or Indian gooseberry orange, lemon, capsicum etc.

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