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There is no point of wasting extra money on the tickets instead, you can use the money that has been saved to eat and have fun all around the place. Well, but many of us do not know how and when to book the tickets to get the best deal. There are plenty of applications, and websites for the booking of the airline ticket and it is a bit difficult to check each and every site and compare it. The easiest way to compare all of the websites in a go is to visit Skyscanner where you can sort and find the best and cheapest flight tickets.

You can see the date and month in which you will get the cheapest tickets. Even if you have used Skyscanner you can prefer to check a few more websites that you can use to get that extra discount with the coupons. Book the flight tickets nearly about 30 days (4 weeks) before the traveling date, so that you can get the best deals. Booking on Tuesdays, Wednesdays can get you more discount than any other day, and Friday, Saturday, Sundays are the days to avoid as there is a rush for tickets on the weekends.

You can even use the referral money that you get by referring the booking app to your friends and family, for booking the tickets. The number of times you check the price of tickets the higher the rates of the tickets go up. Either use incognito mode or clear your cache every time you check the prices as they increase the rates seeing the same user is trying again and again. These are the few tips and tricks to get the cheapest deal to travel anywhere. Try it out the next time you travel, and you won’t be disappointed.

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- Rajat Priyam
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