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The week where millions will people celebrate eating, chilling and sitting around together and travelling across the cities to be with each other is finally there. Chinese new year also called the spring festival is one of the most important festivals in China which is also a national holiday. From new year dinner to fireworks the festival is celebrated in its unique ways.
They have a rich set of traditions and cultures which has its deep significance and roots. Here are some of the snippets of its rich cultural heritage according to which certain things are considered a bad omen.
Things You Must Avoid To Have A Bad Fortune

1. People have a belief that those who will launch the first firework of the new year would have good luck in life.

2. People stay awake on the new year eve because it is believed that there was a mythical beast named the "Year" which was an evil force and can harm them.

3. People believe that giving red packets of money will help keep evil forces away from them.

4. Before the Chinese new year, everyone is expected to clean their houses and place to wipe away all the bad fortunes from life.

5. People should pay all the debts and borrowings before the new year to avoid any bad luck.

6. You should not hold any grudge and fights on the new year.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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