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Upgrading your style is necessary as a new you could not only make you feel good but will also boost your confidence invariably. Today we will dive into some basic style upgrades that every men must consider; to instantly upgrade the way they project themselves, without investing a lot of money.

1. Fit your Clothes
Fix your pants, your jeans, your chinos, your trousers take them to the tailor. A simple trim will refresh all your pants, make them look more expensive just because they fit you right.

Keep in mind that most guys buy their pants off the rack, and around 90% of the time pants will never fit you perfectly. And those excessive breaks just makes guys look shorter and stumpier. So take them to the tailor, ask for a light break, get them hem and you’ll have refresh pants that will instantly make you look stylish with very less cost.

2 Ditch the sneaker and pick up a Leather shoe
Now if your whole closet consists of just sneakers it's not a good sign. You must always consider other options available like leather shoes. Leather shoes add to your style. Just make sure you have at least one dressier shoe whether it be a boot or a loafer, something that’s made out of leather.

3. Watch
There’s nothing more stylish than a man wearing a really nice timepiece on his wrist. If you’re going to upgrade your style you need a watch, and if you’re looking for something stylish, go for something that has a minimal design.

4. The Right belt
Always wear a nice belt. Keep in mind this is what that cuts your body in half. When people are looking at you that’s a focal point; so you want something attractive, and a belt is that something that will quickly improve your style.

5. Owning at least one well-tailored suit
Owning at least one really good tailored suit is essential for every guy even if you’re still in college. No matter where you are in life you’re going to need at least one.

Now I personally recommend going with either a gray or a navy suit as they are the most versatile and will give you the most bang for your bucks. Also, the fact that they are the most formal makes them a must but.

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