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When you struggle to convey your feelings through words emojis are definitely the best way to communicate. A single emoji can speak a thousand words. It also cut down the ambiguity created through normal text message because when you communicate through the emojis you can better express your heart and emotions.
Emojis, no doubt speaks a lot and the new emojis of 2019 gives more power to the powerful emojis by giving preference to people of all race and gender cutting the discrimination factor.
Here are some of the new emojis and its meaning

1. Mechanical Arm and Leg
It signifies an artificial or replacement of the original arm which is put for functional or cosmetic reasons. Similar to mechanical arm prosthetic leg has also been added as an emoji.
2. Ear with a hearing aid-
The inclusion of emojis like this has been done to expand the scope of communication. From light skin tone to medium skin tone to dark tone different tones are depicted through various emojis.
3. Deaf person-
A person gesturing with their index finger between ear and mouth is used as a deaf sign. There are emojis with the varying skin tones for both the gender for this emoji as well.
4. Man and women with the probing crane-
A probing crane is used by the visually impaired person.
5. People holding hands-
People with different skin tones are holding hands in this emoji conveying a very strong message.
There are total 230 new emojis which are added in this new list which will be soon seen in our phones but without a doubt, they provide very powerful communication tools with people of different skins tones and the inclusion of people and animals who are often neglected or considered a taboo in our society.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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