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With Youtube becoming a culture with each passing day, it would not be wrong to project its glorious future that lies ahead. Youtuber from across the world share informative, engaging, and entertaing content filmed with utmost creativity that you might often wonder to how exactly did they pull off this amazing editing marvel?

Well to answer all such questions, here we are with an article that will spill the beans and would edify the readers as to how things work when it comes to directing a Youtube video. So let's get started.

As a beginner, it is always a better idea to start by filming on your desktop or laptop. It is quite obvious that as a beginner you wouldn't have much knowledge about editing videos, and thus you might try to record everything in one go without messing up. And that is a tough job.

Once you are comfortable filming yourself, you can consider shooting on an actual camera. Once you are comfortable with the camera, it is the time to cut out clips that were mistakes, and learning that skill that would make your filming experience so much easier. Editing.

As you keep doing the same job over and over again, you will learn a lot about lighting, audio, and how to edit, simply by googling. You do not have to take a class or have any formal training regarding being on camera or editing videos. Or you can also get help from your friend who might be good with editing.

When it comes to editing, Adobe Premiere Pro is one great tool to use. I’m still learning so much about how to edit videos, and if time allowed I would love to spend more time learning about how to make videos even better.

The next is lighting. One of my friends who is a Youtuber bought a ring light as the first “pro” light. He actually got some larger softbox lights first and those didn’t really do the job. He has been filming many videos for years now by only using the ring light.

After seeing another videographer he worked with, he set up light like this. This helps him control how much white versus yellow light is cast, and how bright or dim it is. This is great for fill light or used in front of the subject for filming. Also, for most of the time, natural light is just enough.

The audio quality also plays a major role in videos. Right now my friend is using a Rode boom mic attached to a camera. He really enjoys the challenge of creating and filming videos, though he needs my help when it comes to editing.

So that is all that lies behind the blog. You will learn more as you progress with the art.

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Source - Thesmallthingsblog
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