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Keeping up to its reputation of enthralling the world with creative, funny and de-stressing content, Reddit on the other day once again came up with a hilarious thread. A Reddit user named u/CodeBrode posted a question - “What Are Some Examples of 'Movie Logics' That Don't Work In Real Life" – and netizens were all down with hilarious yet bona-fide replies that would make you giggle.

The thread garnered a whopping 22.1k upvotes (at the time of filing this story), and in this article, we will go through some of the most entertaining replies.

A user commented, “If someone in a movie starts coughing, they are about to die.” And that is very true. We never see an actor coughing without a reason as normal people do. If there is a scene where the actor is coughing, you can sense something horrible coming. Mostly he is going to fall sick or even die.

“Turning on the news/radio at the most convenient time for the plot” - and when we switch on the news, we see nothing but ads most of the time. Lol.

Another user replied “Classes in high school lasting only 5 minutes” Well shefighthershadow, if the classes would exceed that time limit, you would eventually get bored and change the channel which is not at all healthy for TRP goals.

Three-sense says “If you are shy, you can change your hairdo and outfit and immediately become extroverted.” well what you wear can increase your confidence so maybe it’s true.
“Shooting a monitor to destroy a computer's hard drive.” this is so true and silly at the same time. Just aim at the CPU bruh.

Last but not the least "stopping in the middle of a giant battle with people dying all around you to kiss a loved one, or hug or high five a fellow mate.

Relationship goals?

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