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There are batsmen and there are bowlers but the one who manages them all is the captain. The captain has to focus on his performance as a batsman or bowler as well as has to manage the whole team. The captain has a lot things going on his mind, and that is the reason not everyone can be a good captain. The decision making, and the timing of the decision plays a crucial role in a captain’s life. While there have been so many captains but the most successful are the ones who have the highest winning percentage.

Here we have mentioned the all-time top three captains who have pushed the team up to another level with their captaincy.
Ricky Ponting (Captaincy, 2002-2012)

Ricky Ponting is on the top of the list; Australian team was roaring when he was the captain. The best time for the Australian was at this time only, he made the team get two world cups with a total of 220 international wins and his winning percent was 67.90.

MS Dhoni (Captaincy, 2007-2016)

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is considered the best wicket-keeper captain who has the most catches and stumping record. The best finisher, the fastest stumper, the quickest runner, the most logical thinker, the coolest captain, the hard-hitter, the great batsman, the reliable player, these are some of the tags that he got. He has a total 178 international wins with a winning percent of 53.61. A sia Cup, World Cup, T20 World Cup, Champions Trophy he has gotten all of the cups for his team. He is definitely the most successful Indian captain.

Graeme Smith (Captaincy, 2003-2014)

The batsman got the burden of captaincy just after one year of his debut. He had this pressure and Smith handled it very well. He has a total of 163 international wins with a winning percent of 56.99%. He was one of the classiest batsmen as well.

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- Rajat Priyam
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