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If you ever feel like gulping the vibes of a true blue mafia, Cuba is the place you need to head to. Cuba is a fascinating country incorporating the island of Cuba and other places and it will definitely enchant you in no time with its ethereal landscapes and blue waters. If you are making plans to visit this country, make sure you have got some heavy money in your pocket (yes, Cuba is very expensive) and do not forget to try these amazing things on the island:-

1). Smoke A Cuban Cigar

If you are not living under a rock, you know that Cuban cigars are the best in the world. While, we strictly condemn smoking but come on, once in a while won’t hurt especially if it is the Cuban speciality.

2). Stroll Around The Beautiful Beach

Cuba is abode to many beautiful white sand beaches and if you are visiting there, do not forget to sniff the essence of authentic white sand while playing your heart out with the joyous waves of the sea. Some of the most famous beaches in Cuba are Varadero Beach and Playa Jibacoa.

3). Explore The Beauty Of Trinidad

Trinidad is an exquisite antique Spanish colonial town in Cuba. Some part of the mesmerising town are registered under UNESCO ’s world heritage site list, so if your tongue loves some ‘history poison’, this is the place that you need to visit.

4). Sip On Some Authentic Mojito

Mostly, everyone loves mojitos but do you know that the mojitos we cannot resist aren’t really the authentic one? If you want to savour some real deal, take the next flight to Cuba. Mojitos sold here will leave a long after-effect on your senses. They are that GOOOOD!

5). Dance Your Ass Off At Underground Cave Club

Want to party inside a real cave? Well, Cuba has got you sorted; dance to thumping beats at Disco Ayala which is a club inside a real cave.

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- Shivam
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