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Both of the things are interrelated as if you are not happy you do not want to live more, and if you are happy you wish to live longer. So the basic thing to do is to be happy, but is it on our own? No it is not all the time, but there are ways that you can follow to be happy and add years to your life. We already know most of the ways, but we need to focus on these to get the most out of it. Here we have given some of it that you can follow for a better life.

Be an Optimist
Being an optimist helps you live longer, if you are a pessimist you are going to cut years of your life with the stress.

Keep Laughing
Laughing has a lot of benefits, and one is that it increases the blood flow by 20%, this definitely makes you feel happy from inside and adds years to your life.

Don’t Sit and Sleep More Than Required
Over sleep, and over sitting can increase the chances of your early death. Sit and sleep as much as it is required, not anymore as it even changes the mood of the person, and can make them feel depressed.

Keep exercising
Not exercising is as bad as smoking as nowadays both of it cause almost the same number of deaths. Keep exercising even in your busy schedule.

Play an instrument or read books (or do both)
Learning to play an instrument, and then playing it makes your brain feel health. Even reading books can lower the stress level in your life. These hobbies are a must to follow.

Stay in touch with family and friends
No matter how stressed out we are, talking to the ones close to us can relieve a lot of tension. Those are the best people in our life, and we need to be connected to them.

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- Rajat Priyam
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