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When the BIG BANG happened, the men started testing and developing things that can provide them utmost joyfulness and the search ended with the discovery of ‘Ashleel Chalchitra aka ‘PORN’.
You know people either watch porn or they simply lie that they don’t, I mean who would not love that rush of becoming a peeping Tom and watching other people do ‘things’, eh!
You know porn plays a very vital role in our life, yeah, don’t believe me? Okay, try remembering some unforgettable memories of your childhood, your list will definitely feel incomplete without the addition of the notable experience when you watched porn for the first time.
So, to sum up everyone’s ‘porn experience’, I decided to make some ‘moaning’ memes:-

1). That moment was like someone opening the gates of enlightenment for me.

2). How can you expect us to choose just one from such a wide array, like HOW?

3). Let’s admit it guys, all of you got startled when you got to know about this stuff, didn’t you? Well, the regressive society is to blame!

4). That was one horrifying moment but I didn’t get much scolding, maybe because ‘Baap Bhi Kabhi Beta Tha’

5). Come on! Don’t be so fake that Hogwarts starts looking like a truth in front of you

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Design: Vikas Kakkar
- Shivam
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