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2018 was already recorded as the fourth warmest year since 1850, and according to the predictions the decade that started from 2014 will have the warmest condition in the coming years. The temperature can rise to 1.5C more than the normal temperature that has been recorded. This is all happening because of the increase in pollution, and the green gas emissions not being reduced.

Professor Adam Scaife, head of long-range prediction, Met Office, said “2015 was the first year that global annual average surface temperatures reached 1C above pre-industrial levels, and the following three years have all remained close to this level. The global average temperature between now and 2023 is predicted to remain high, potentially making the decade from 2014 the warmest in more than 150 years of records. It's the first time the forecasts have shown a significant risk of exceedance - it is only temporary. We are talking about individual years fluctuating above the 1.5-degree level"

The vehicles, and industries have been producing a lot of carbon dioxide. CO2 was recorded of being pumped in the atmosphere most in the year 2018, and that is the reason many a researchers were not surprised with these statistics. One of the researchers Dr Anna Jones said that the forecast from the Met Office is, unfortunately, no surprise. The sea ice has decreased, the temperature has been rising every year and the condition of the weather can be seen all around the world. The weather has been unstable for the past few years, the reason and the future is clear. Until we start saving the environment from the pollution, and also save the trees it would get worse. Nasa’s Gavin Schmidt said, “The impacts of long-term global warming are already being felt – in coastal flooding, heat waves, intense precipitation and ecosystem change”

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- Rajat Priyam
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