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A concord of believes whether God exists or not continues to exist and the feud between Religion and Science is the subject of debate which remains unanswered. I guess that is the reason there is a huge diversity in the types of people when it comes to believing in God. Why certain have faith in God and why others are sceptical of it is a question which still has no answer.
Religion and faith no doubt is a very serious subject but the way people have made it a money-making business it has become a subject of humour as well.
Based on people's belief in God we have categorised different types of people. Have a look at them.
Different Types Of Bhagwan ke bhakt

1. Proper Bhagwan ke bhakt

2. Aadhe adhure bhakt

3. Uncertain Bhakts

4. Not believe in God at all.

5. Cannot dare to accept bhakts

These differences, of course, do exist because the existence of God remains sceptical. What matters is the faith, if you have faith GOD exists otherwise not.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design credits - Vikas Kakkar
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