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Love is in the air because aashiqo ka navratre have finally begun with the sweet fragrance of roses. Valentine's day, the day to celebrate the love is a special day for some while others consider it as the biggest time-pass week. There are a lot of emotions about this special week for lovers.
Some couples celebrate the day with a lot of excitement but there are who really don't believe in any particular week or date to celebrate their love. Everyone has a different way of celebrating the V-week.
Different Types Of People On Valentines Week

1. Ek hafte se valentine day ki planning Karne wale log

2. Valentines ka khul kar virodh karne wale log.

3. Mun hi mun mein valentine ke sapne dekhne wale log.

4. Pyar aur valentines par lecture dene wale log.

5. Couples se jealous hone wale log.

From the jealous single to non-believers of the day to the excited couples everyone has some opinion about this hyped week of love. Hardly would be anyone in the younger generation who would not have an opinion about this day.
What do you think about the valentine's week?
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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design credits - Vikas Kakkar
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