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Hands down, if The Dark Knight is streaming on TV, I would not mind getting myself a popcorn tub and waiting for the "Interrogation Scene" to watch it all over again. Now you make ask why? Well here's is the obvious answer.

No movie will ever be able to replicate an interaction of this intensity between a hero and a villain. Everything about this scene, from the moment the lights open, to the moment Batman storms out, is, in one word, insane. The Joker's monologue about people is so true because he’s lived it.

According to him, people will tear each other apart when the time comes. Because only in their worst moments, do you see people for who they truly are. The reason he believes this is because he’s been at that point where he had this crazy epiphany where everything finally became clear to him, that there aren’t supposed to be any rules in this world. And so when he ends his monologue, he says I’m not a monster, I’m just ahead of the curve.”

Batman’s existence in this movie simply relies on Gotham. And Bruce’s chance for a future afterward relies on Rachel. But here, when Gotham is being threatened, (when he knows that Dent was taken) he remains relatively calm. When Batman discovers that Rachel is also taken, that’s when he reveals who he really is. In his desperation, he pummels joker, because the one person who he cares about is in danger and there’s nothing he can do. That’s when the joker says, ‘You have nothing. Nothing to threaten me with, nothing to do with all your strength.’ (Writing this down, gave me chills) It’s amazing how the joker was so right about this, it really captures that feeling of helplessness that we get to see in Bruce’s eyes.

I feel like there was a particular reason why Joker was blackened around his eyes. Here you can see the white light coming from Bale’s eyes. I find it interesting, that Batman, our agent of order, is essentially the white dot in a black shape which is Yang, the agent of chaos. While The Joker, who is an agent of chaos, has his eyes ‘blackened’ inside the white-painted face and that is a representation of order. Sometimes, I feel like if this was done to show us that you can’t put a finger on who’s right or wrong. Instead of trying to establish the certainty of order and chaos, the movie probably tries to show us that The Joker is right from his perspective. (I may be wrong though).

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