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Weak bones and muscles pain arise due to deficiency of vitamin D in the body. Even, the scarcity of vitamin D can lead to more severe diseases such as asthma in children, lack of ability to identify the elderly, glucose intake, etc. But this can be avoided by eating best diet containing vitamin D.
If you incorporate certain things in your diet regularly that are rich in vitamin D. Then our body not only it become healthy but also our immune system will be strengthened. To maintain the level of vitamin D, you can add these ingredients to our diet:
Milk :
Milk is an excellent source of vitamin D and calcium. Every day, drinking a glass of milk, we get one-fourth of the vitamin D required for a day.
Eggs :
The white part of egg is full of vitamin D. By eating eggs, we can get the sufficient Vitamin D. It could be a better option for those who cannot drink milk for any reason.
Salmon Fish :
Salmon Fish is a good source of vitamin D for those who eat fish. Once you include salmon fish in your food, the need of vitamin D throughout the day are sufficiently met.
Mushrooms :
Mushroom also contains adequate vitamins D. However, there are different amount of vitamin D in different types of mushrooms. Shitake mushroom has the highest vitamin D.
Soya Foods :
Soya food such as tofu and soya bean grew vegetables also reduces Vitamin D deficiency. These vegetable and foods are generally available in the supermarket. Products made from soya for those who are allergic to milk could be good alternatives.
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