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You may be deeply and madly in love with someone and always wish to be with him. The mere presence of that someone special makes you feel so good that you like everything even if he is really not talking. However, there comes a moment in your relationship that you remain unsure if the other person also has similar feelings or not because he hasn't really expressed it directly.
Here are some of the signs that will make you believe that he also loves you.

1. Takes out time for you.

No matter how busy he is he will take out time from his busy schedule for you if he has feelings for you. He would also go out of the way to just meet you because meeting you is also a special feeling for you.
2. Concerned about you.

A guy may not be too expressive every time but he will immediately notice if you are upset and will be really concerned about the reason behind it.
3. Becomes overprotective sometimes

You will be surprised to see how he cares for you when you are not well and this surprising nature is a sign he also feels for you.
4. Will give you compliments

A real man does not give compliments to please you but they are real and if your man is someone who is shy to give you compliments and suddenly he starts giving that, it means he is starting to be in love with you.
5. Will not let you go

Guys are really egoistic and short-tempered too and they would hardly try to make-up with you when you are angry and if he does it, it means that he really likes you and even if he gets upset at you he will talk to you in sometimes because he cannot see you go
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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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