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Nowadays it has been observed that people are replacing the ordinary cigarette with an e-cigarette. It is believed that this electronic cigarette is better than a smoke cigarette because it causes less harm to the health. But the reality is different. E-cigarettes also have terrible effects to our health.
What is an E-cigarette? E-cigarette is a normal device that contain liquid filling. This is the solution of nicotine and other harmful chemicals. When you pull the puff, the heating device turns it into a vapor. That is why vaping is called on the lines of smoking.
Nicotine addiction An e-cigarette is a solution of nicotine and other harmful chemicals. Nicotine itself is a narcotic substance that causes addiction. Therefore, cardiovascular patients should avoid e-cigarettes because it's really harmful for health. In scientific research, it has been said that it also weakens the arteries of the heart. It is addictive, so there may be a problem with withdrawal syndrome and depression on leaving it.
Damage to Pregnancy Weeping is very dangerous for pregnant women; it hurts their fetus. Moreover, it is even not okay to take it around the children because its harmful steam affects their brain development.
Cancer susceptible to aromatic chemicals In addition to nicotine, which is filled with aromatic compounds, when heated, it goes in the lungs with respiration and increases the chances for lung cancer.
Overall it's a very harmful thing. You should take proper medical treatment if you want to leave nicotine and cigarettes. E-cigarettes will only worsen up your problems.
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