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Facebook stalking can help you know more about a person than you could ever get to know about them in person. Modern technology is a culture today where we tend to open up about pretty much everything. We’ve all tried to “Facebook stalk” people we want to know better or scroll through their Instagram feeds (and hope not to double tap). Connecting on social media is an extremely common practice, especially after meeting someone or going on a date.

So, when you bump into a cute guy you’re kind into, what can you actually understand from his social media page? Well, we will let you know.

His Interests Off Course
You can peer into someone’s mind just by looking through their social media; it’s more like an Alladin treasure of all their feelings and interests. Just scroll through his Facebook timeline or who he follows on Twitter, and you will get some great insight into the kind of person he really is.

His Goals
We often post about our major life achievement on social media, including landing on a new job to boarding our first flight. When you take a quick peek at his previous and current jobs, you can easily get a feel for his aspirations.

His Past Relationships
Until he is no more connected with his ex or exes social media, you will excess to a lot of pictures with old flames. You may trigger the comparison game afterward, but at least you will know what he looks for in a partner.

His Family
When you really hit it off with a guy, you want to know what you are getting into. Take a peek at his family members’ social media profiles as well to get a feel for his family’s dynamics. It’ll also show you if there could be any family drama in store. Looking up his family will save you lots of stress over that day you finally meet his parents.

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