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Long baths are refreshing and I am the biggest fan of just sitting in the bathtubs for hours and doing nothing. It is hands-down the quickest, easiest and the cheapest way for me to relax after a long grueling day. However, most of often do not have time to soak in a pool of hot water on a regular basis, while other just argue that it is not the best thing you can do to your skin.

However, deflating the myths, we have found a few top reasons that prove why hot baths can be beneficial to your overall well-being. And why you should not think twice before undressing yourself to enjoy some me time in the hot water-tub.

Helps Improve Blood Circulation
Warm water is not only great for circulation reasons but can also help tight muscles to relax. After running up and down our stairs all day and lifting the baby up and down on repeat, nothing feels better than allowing your muscles to calm their woes.

Helps you Sleep Better
Hot water bath actually allows you to fall asleep faster and better. The science is a warm bath before bed boosts the production of melatonin - the sleeping hormone - and reduce your core body temperature, helping you get a better sleep.

Keeps your Heart Healthy
A good warm bath makes your heart smile and also decreases blood pressure which can help to avoid more serious conditions. Because heat increases better blood flow, some researchers say that you are keeping your heart healthy.

It's a Mini Workout
Studies have proven that people who suffer from diabetes when soaked in a hot tub regularly for 20-30 minutes, 6 days a week, actually ended up losing 2.5 pounds a month. What better workout plan you have heard off?

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