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After watching all the couples in our house, society and surroundings we reached the conclusion on how people repaired their relationships. Gone those days when a couple has to adjust or one of them, especially the female have to adjust and stayed bend-down. Because suddenly I realized after watching new generation’s relationships, all our stories, studies and the science we reached, shows the new light of revolution- this era is the new way of truly understanding the romanticism of love.

Love is not only staying together for years even if you do not really love each other, but it is also what that happens in most of the couples’ marriages of people belong to past eras. But now we have cracked the code that will help you in creating not-that “Have-to” relationship, instead, you can create a fulfilling, safe-haven relationship and can restore your love romantic bond.

So let’s begin now:

#1. It Just Happened:

According to science nothing just can happen (even love) if your mind doesn’t agree for it. So basically, you can take time, before you fall in love, you can learn its laws, have control over this riot of emotion that you can think. What you have understood, you can shape it by your own. And then the generation can stop saying the out-dated-one that- ‘love is something that just happens’.

#2. Accept That You Need Love To Live:

We are mammals are we are not designed for self-sufficiency. Love is the ancient, wired-in survival code that is being used for years to live happier, healthier, stronger life. It is the best tool to combat stress. It is OK to understand the need, and approach first or telling your feelings.

#3. Hands Can Transmit The Emotional Signals

Next time when you feel sad or even you are disappointed with your partner, take their hands in yours and tell them why you are not feeling good, what is that thing which is creating disturbance in your relationship. I am sure you feel the emotional signals that their hands will transmit to you. You will feel safe, sheltered and will also calm your brain.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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