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Previously Opera had launched a free unlimited VPN (Virtual Private Network) in the year 2016, but had discontinued even when it gained a lot of popularity. Now, the team has come up with the integrated VPN browser in its beta stage. The browser will give you the option to turn on the VPN, and use it inside the browser. The VPN is log free, and gives unlimited service, and that is a treat for the people who were using limited data-usage VPN apps. Not all the users can use the VPN tool right now, as its rolled out for specific beta users but it will out for all soon.

The browser with VPN would definitely give the extra layer of security to the websites and the networks being accessed. The VPN is unlimited means that you can use it without any data limitation, and log free means the data would not be collected on any of the servers. The public network, or the websites would not know your location or your identity as your IP address would be hidden. Many a times the use of VPN comes when some website is blocked on the network, or you need to use a server of a different country to watch or play something.

Right now, the Opera Browser beta version is giving the option of Europe, America and Asia servers, you can choose any of it and browse the websites. There is also an Optimal Mode in the VPN settings, selecting it would give the best route analysing the current location of the user. None of the popular browsers give the option of using VPN integrated with it. Opera has really come up with one of the most secure features, and that can really make it compete with the giants like C hrome, and Firefox.

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- Rajat Priyam
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