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Well we know how to wash our hair, blow dry them, get them to straighten or curl from the salon, but making the sculpture out of it, is something that is the next to the creativity. You might like your messy hair or bed hair when woke up in the morning, although it might look fun to click photos with, you can’t step out of your house. You need time to get the mess fix. But the Ivorian artist and fashion designer Laetitia Ky does completely opposite- as she takes the hair art to the unbelievable level. She embraces her hair that no one else can do.

The self-proclaimed polyvalent artist and activist use hair as a medium to implement her creativity on her hair to make them look like a masterpiece. This 22-year old’s intricate and somewhat gravity-defying hair sculptures masterfully designed on her own head not only made the source of entertainment, but also a medium through which she has shown- how creative juices her head is having. She is not making these sculpture and capturing them to grow more followers on her Instagram post, however, she is giving powerful messages about love, tolerance, equality and speaking out her mind.

She is a famous artist, we are now sharing her pictures of braids ranging from animals to miniature to people’s face, everyday object using hair extensions, wire, clothes, needle, fabric, wool and so on. The artist hardly took 20 minutes to 2 hours to create the looks.

Let us see some of the looks she has created:

#1 F**k Off

#2 Evil & Angel

#3 Tea Anyone?

#4 The Love Cloud

#5 Got Wings

#6 Hair Bulb

#7 Dancing Hair

#8 Got Someone

#9 More Hands

#10 Bathing Duck

#11 My Pet

#12 Beach Babe

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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