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The love-liest week of the year has already started with the buzz all around. While couples may have already planned about their schedule for the love week with their partner singles like me still are in their dreamy world of having someone special in their life who would pamper them and make them feel special.
To most of you, the idea of celebrating the valentines week may look weird however we all have thought of it when we were in college life. As I go back to my college days I remember the conversations around me during the valentines week. From expecting gifts from some secret lover to expressing love to our crush the atmosphere is full of the romantic vibes.
A lot of people are in their own la-la land dreaming about the valentines week but sadly things don't turn their way. What they expect is far distant from reality and the situation is really funny.
So have a look at Expectations v/s Reality.

Rose day:

Chocolate Day:

Propose Day:

Hug day & Kiss Day

Valentine's day:

Singles things may not have turned your way but do we need anyone to feel special? I don't think so. So why not be your valentines instead of being dependent on others.
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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design credits - Vikas Kakkar

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