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Congratulations you have finally boarded your first flight. Like, everyone, you must be also excited for your first journey. With the excitement and nervousness, a plethora of emotions must be flowing in your body and mind but still, you want to experience it. Isn't it?
We all expect a surprise bag full of treats during our first air journey which is nothing but an exaggeration of our expectations. However, the real world is not similar to our dreamy world where the sky has really no limits.
Also, It is obvious that when you were having your first journey, your friends and family members would have shared their experiences and you have made a perception in your mind but things would not have really turned that way because everyone has their own experiences which are quite different from each other.
There are certainly funny things and experiences they would have said after their first journey.

1. ' Kaan mein vibration Hoti hai'.

2. Plane mein toh hum bore ho gaye,aage se nahi jaynege kabhi.

3. Darr toh lga hi nahi hame toh bilkul

4. Plane se toh bahut ache ache views dikhte hai

5.Plane mein toh koi kisi se baat tak nahi karta

6.Pta ni kitni checking hoti hai.

What are the things you liked/disliked about your first air journey?

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design credits - Vikas Kakkar
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