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What is the most simple leisure activity have you been a part of lately? Well, it is very obvious that we all want to try to maximize the free minutes in our schedules to make our time together; run smoother after a long grueling week or party last night. When it comes to relaxation and unburdening oneself, it is the little things that can make a huge difference like planned morning routine.

Therefore here we are with a few tips for a more efficient morning. These small habit changes may hopefully come in handy to some of you who are perpetually looking for unburdening oneself in the morning or just looking for a couple extra morning minutes.

Pre-decide what you would wear the night before
Sometimes you just can't get up on scheduled time, and you have to hurry, skip breakfast, and what not. That is when you would not want to waste time figuring out exactly which scarf should go with those shoes. Thus it is better to premediate what you are going to wear and get them sorted the night before.

Combine shower tasks
A shower is a great way to wake up in the morning but it's also a fantastic excuse to multitask. My personal favorites are to brush my teeth while my hair soaks, and skipping the loofah sudsing step altogether by using the newly released Dove Shower Foam which comes out as an airy lather right from the bottle. It contains super gentle cleansers traditionally used in facial cleansers, a fact I was really excited about since my skin tends to be on the sensitive side, and also rinses away quickly leaving my skin feeling moisturized and soft. This weightless formula really delivers a light, airy feel for the care my skin needs. It’s basically like applying fluffy clouds that melt right off during your shower.

Have a healthy breakfast
Have you ever wondered why you don't wake up in the middle of the night starving? It's because your body goes into lullaby mode where energy use is slowed down but your morning cereal can actually trigger your brain to become alert as well as fueling your brain to start the day. I like to keep grab-and-go style foods like cereal bars and yogurt on hand so that being short on time is never an excuse to skip a morning meal.

Keep items where you'll grab them last
We often tend to lose things that don't have a "home." I've literally lost my phone while it was in my hand at least half a dozen times because apparently, my hand is not its home. In any case, one trick that helps me is to create a resting spot for important items like having a hook for my most used purse and a bowl for keys right by the door. I also have a jewelry dish for rings by the bathroom sink which keeps my pieces in pristine condition but also makes the likelihood of staying well-accessorized an easy process.

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