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We do think of how much can our brain store, but have we ever thought about the smells that our nose helps to distinguish between the different scents? We do know from the smell only that what it is, and we have a large database stored that helps us know and distinguish it. Like sometimes when you wake up in the morning, and get the smell of your favourite food item being cooked at home; you get up quickly and get ready to have it as soon as possible. See, nose has the power to get you up from the amazing bed also.

We also have the smell of different flowers in our memory, the foul smell of something, the smell that we get when something burns, the smell of perfumes and all the other scents. So, how many smells can the nose detect? It’s numerous and that’s for sure, but the number of smells it can detect is a massive 1 trillion. Yes, 1 trillion smells can be detected by your small sensitive nose. The nose is so sensitive that it can even distinguish the small difference in the smell. A decade back the researchers had only found it to have detecting 10,000 smells, and now with the deep researching the scientific calculation is 1 trillion.

We thought that animals like dogs are much better than humans at smell, but we are not any less when it comes to the power of smelling. The animals use more of their brain power for the sense of smell, and that is why they are so good at sniffing and finding out the suspects even in the police force. We don’t know whether we get to have 1 trillion smells in our lives, but we can be sure to store as much smells as we get in our lives and that is something extraordinary.

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- Rajat Priyam
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