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Parents no doubt are our biggest well-wishers. No matter how much we complain about them for being poky and for not understanding us we all know that they are someone who is most concerned about us. Yes, a lot of times they won’t express things the way we expect from them but I guess it’s okay. Not everything can be expressed and we can give that liberty to our parents at least for not being expressive.
I too had this complaint or I would be saying have this complaint of my parents not being expressive but you know what. Things do change when you start to live outside away from them. You will find them more expressive. They would allow you to do things which you would not have ever expected from them. You will begin to notice little changes in their attitude towards you. You will find them more open-minded and ready to accept the things according to society.
Here are some of the positive changes that you will notice in them.

1. When you tell your mother you are hungry.

2. Refuse to help in her work

3. Wakes up late in the morning:

4. Ask to hang out with friends:

5. For Dressing Sense

6. Expressing emotions

So, it is important that you enjoy the changed attitude of your parents instead of complaining about the things which didn’t change.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design credits - Vikas Kakkar
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