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There is no lie in the fact that the bathroom is a special area for many of us. At least for me it surely is. It has experienced all from emotions rolling down your cheeks, laughter to unconditional love. So why not make the special space a little more special this 2019 and giving it an aesthetic makeover. With that being said, here are the hottest bathroom trends that you can consider.

Full Disclosure
The bathroom tends to have multiple layers where everything is typically hidden or well organized. Think of it as the new way of exposing the area and giving it a classic open floor plan feel. This look will be achieved with crystal shower doors and less bulky counter spaces.

The Concrete Look
Although concrete has always been seen as cold and stark it is getting a warmer approach by being incorporated seamlessly into the décor. It will no longer stand on its own, instead, it will be seen as part of the room. Pair with wood accents to further emphasize the warmth concrete is will exposing.

Fine Art
Fine art is coming to the bathroom in a chic manner. Adding art to the bathroom is one of the best ways to bring beauty and sophistication without having to overwhelm the room with décor. Rose Gold When it comes to metals rose gold is making its big reveal this upcoming year. It will be the seasons most used décor and will be seen throughout the entire room, whether it be as part of the walls, or even in the bathtub area

Here it is. My personal favorite and the most attractive. The minimal décor is coming in hot if you want crisp lines that are bold yet minimalist at the same time. It’s the contrast that you want to create in the area all at once.

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