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These days diseases like cancer, heart attack, and diabetes are increasing rapidly, and the biggest reason for all these diseases is that we do have a bad habit of eating, poor lifestyle and not doing exercises. The risk of a heart attack is also increasing rapidly among the youth. Healthy looking youngsters are also suddenly becoming heart patients.
The only way to prevent this is to educate people, otherwise, by 2020 most deaths will be due to heart disease. The growing stress of modern life, insufficient sleep, smoking and comfort lifestyle has increased the risk of heart diseases in young people.
Doctors believe you can avoid the risk of heart attack by adopting an active lifestyle and by doing a few exercises. However, not every activity is for everyone. The trainer will only tell which type of training is right for you, so exercise only on the advice of the trainer.
Brisk walking
Walking is considered to be the safest exercise. It has been revealed that doing brisk walking reduces high blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and this is the reason that most people get a heart attack.
If you like cycling, then this exercise will work for you like a full body exercise. Cycling faster is a very beneficial exercise. Remember do cycling in freestyle. If the bike is running tight, then correct it by making it light so that your knees do not get stressed and you can enjoy cycling.
Take care of food too:
Healthy food keeps Heart healthy as well as your body. Be sure to add green and leafy vegetables to your diet. Avoid drinking sugar and soda containing drinks. Also, too much sodium can cause excess fluid in the body, which puts extra pressure on your heart.
Keep an eye on weight, because it is a significant reason for having high cholesterol. If you are overweight, you are easily caught in diseases such as diabetes and blood pressure.
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