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Social settings of our Indian culture did not exist as they are now. There have been transitions in how the traditions and rituals were followed depending on the social norms. Indian marriage was also not performed as it is now. From the changed status of women in the society to the social factors like an invasion of our country by Muslims played a crucial rule in how social norms were challenged and practised.
There is little evidence to prove from when and how did the Indian marriage existed in the earlier times. What was the age at which couples were married and how things really changed from ancient times to now?
However, what we know is the status of women in the Vedic period which was degraded at the time when our country was invaded by Muslim rulers. Shockingly what norms existed during the Vedic era were a complete contrast to the social norms during the medieval era.
So we have tried to make a comparison between both eras so that you have a better understanding of both.

1. Freedom of women

2. Choosing her husband

3.Age at which marriage was done

4. Women's rights

5. Education of women

6. Dowry system

It is clear that the coming of Muslim rulers in our society drastically affected the status and freedom of women in Indian society.
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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design credits - Vikas Kakkar
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