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With the ever-rising pollution levels and depletion of natural resources, our earth is losing most of its green cover and it is indeed a thing to worry about. Yes, we talk big things about saving the environment but the thing is that we just TALK; while some go ahead to make the difference.
Devender Sura, a police constable from Chandigarh (INDIA) has taken it upon himself to make the world green again. While working in Chandigarh, he got so fascinated with the greenery of the city that he vowed to make his hometown (Sonepat) a replica of the green land.

He has been working day in and day out for last seven years to bring a ‘green revolution’ in his village and other villages as well that are in the vicinity of Sonepat district.
He started his mission in 2012 and by now he has covered around 15 villages and planted around 1.3 lakh saplings under the campaign launched by him: ‘Ped Lagao, Bhavishya Bachao’. To make his mission successful, he has spent about INR 30 lakhs from his own pocket.

Initially, he’d buy plants from nurseries but as time passed, he took up a nursery on lease at INR 54k per annum and now he grows and manages his plants on his own. If reports are to be believed, he spends most of his salary on his noble cause while his house is managed by his father’s pension who is a retired army personnel. He talked about his mission and said: “I avail two months of leave every year for planting saplings while volunteers take care of his nursery when he is on duty”.

I wish we had more men like him and our world would have been a better place to live in.
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- Shivam
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