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Houseplants not only delivers health benefits but are also a staple in millennial décor if you can take proper care of them. But do you? Well, we habitually neglect the indoor greenery, and the result is lifeless plants. Now that is a pathetic scene, but wait, we have a solution. What if the plants never die? Yes, it is possible. Luckily, there are some plants that can survive even if you’re a terrible plant parent like us. So let's take a look at them.

Sansevieria aka ‘Snake Plant”
Even though you neglect this beautifully amazing plant, it doesn't care. It looks absolutely fine. Also, these add such a nice form and pop of color to a room without requiring much attention at all.

Red Prayer Plant
I’m new to this little guy, but it is so cute and has the most unique leaves. Aside from removing toxins from the air and being pet-friendly, it’s also super low maintenance.

Bird of Paradise
If you’re looking for a gorgeous statement plant to fill a large place, look no further. This beautiful plant will look her best even when you forget to water her from time to time.

Aloe Plant
I found this aloe plant a couple of years ago and it still is as healthy as ever (you can even cut off the leaves and use them in your skincare routine!).

ZZ Plant
These beautiful and unique plants are so easy to take care of and will add the coolest scenery to any space.

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Source - Theglitterguide
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