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Yoga is a sort of exercise which suits for every person of all age. Students who wished to aspire to regularly employ a healthy and pure life then Yoga could be a boon. Yoga enhances concentration with decreasing the stress of studying. Know five such yoga postures that will make your brain and body perfectly balance and healthy:
By doing pranayama daily, the mind stays free. You can focus well on your studies. Pausing and exhaling breath slowly, comes in the form of Pranayama. Pranayama also leads to mental development.
Easy pose:
It is considered the most straight forward way of yoga, in which the feet have to be crossed by straightening the legs together. Meditation is also done in this posture. But remember that the hand currency is also essential in this posture. This posture is effective in boosting your brain power.
This yoga is straight from the spinal cord. This is an excellent sum for Pitching Sitting. By doing it daily, it also provides flexibility in the lower part of the body.
A single leg stand:
In the old times, the problem of prayer used to be a posture. This posture can lead to many health benefits and also reduce our mental stress. It removes the laziness of your body and makes you agile. By doing it every day, you can control your anger.
Cobra Pose:
This posture is done by laying on the back of the stomach. You can make yourself slim-trim. It is quite beneficial for your muscles. It also works in bringing the flexibility of the body.
So these are some easy Yoga poses which you can do regularly. You will feel better after doing Yoga on a daily basis.
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