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From saving every little penny to utilising her high-level marketing skills during shopping every Middle-class mummy has her own swag and attitude of dealing things. When do these hilarious situations turn into embarrassing one you cannot really imagine.
Here are some of the things that describe a typical Middle-class mother.

1. Biggest marketer for her children.

‘Maa toh aakhir maa hoti hai’ and you will find every mother the same who loves to praise about her son/daughter to the society but when it comes to Middle-class mothers they are one step ahead of everyone. So she will not miss a single chance ever to brag about her children achievements and when she does that she is in seventh heaven.
2. She is best when it comes to saving money.

I think our mothers are the best when it comes to saving. I mean when we youngsters find it difficult to save money from fifty thousand rupees and I don’t know how effortlessly she manages to save some amount from five thousand rupees also. She definitely deserves some high level of recognition for doing this.
3. Her life is incomplete without bargaining.

Shopping, the domain of every female is mastered by Indian mothers. She perfectly knows how to bargain in every single thing she buys. From the vegetables to buying expensive items for the house she will show her marketing skills to convince the sellers. You cannot ever find them satisfied when it comes to bargaining about anything.
4. She has a mastery in Jugaad.

Another thing that she is good at she is jugaad. From reusing our clothes as dusting ka kapda to using the toothpaste till it lives its last breath to reusing the clock cells in different items she perfectly knows jugaad for everything she does.
I can only wonder how beautifully she manages to do everything!

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design credits - Vikas Kakkar
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