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The blockchain and cryptocurrencies have been one of the most talked trends in recent years. The world is curious about what the later and the former together can achieve across aspects; including lives and entertainment. However, one area that appears to have been slower than others in adopting this approach is that of gaming.

At first glance, there are a lot of areas of crossover between cryptos and gaming. Some people have even suggested that gaming paved the way for these coins to appear as per. Yet, the expected surge in this area hasn’t appeared so far. Thus it would be the best time to discuss these industries can come together in the future to change the gaming landscape?

Gaming ICOs Being Launched
There is work being done on numerous new decentralized gaming solutions. These are projects that use the blockchain and introduce their own cryptocurrencies that users can typically earn, buy, win, lose or exchange.

Among the biggest and most talked about ICOs of this type is Bountie. This is a platform that promises to use AI and IoT in order to modernize the world of gaming. Another project of this type is called ALAX. In this case, the idea is that players in developing countries can play on their mobile devices even if they don’t have access to traditional banking facilities. The platform uses its own ALX token to monetize gaming.

Playing with digital Currencies
Another possibility is that players start to use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin to fund their games online. This may seem like a natural progression since many gamers are now used to using in-game tokens and currencies.

However, perhaps the volatility of virtual currencies will play a big part in how widespread this becomes. Since these coins can gain or lose value very rapidly, anyone who pays using them is essentially making an investment rather than simply exchanging tokens.

It wouldn’t be a big surprise if the future were to bring a closer relationship between gaming and cryptocurrencies. Having said that, we could only wait to see what the future has for us to unleash.

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