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Every relationship is beautiful and special in its own sense but when the partner is also your best friend it is the best. You enjoy every little moment spent with each other.
Here are 10 cute things that happen when you are each other’s best companions.

1. Holding hands and talking.

When you can walk and discuss life with your partner the feeling is really very special.
2. Cute little fights with each other.

These cute fights make your relationship stronger and exciting.
3. Getting angry without any reason.

There is fun in teasing your partner. It helps to build the understanding in a relationship.
4. Taking care of each other like an elder.

When someone gets ill you don’t leave them alone and take care of them which brings you more close to each other.
5. Scolding for being careless.

The best part of the relationship is that you are just not each other’s partner but you have the liberty to scold her like an elder if they commit any mistake.
6. You are a partner in crime

You like to do mischievous things with each other and enjoy doing that.
7. You enjoy every little thing.

Happiness is in doing little things together. From cooking together to just watching a movie can be special when you are together.
8. You miss them when someone behaves normally.

You can easily identify each other’s bad mood and knows how to make them smile.
9. You are the biggest supporters of each other.

When you are in trouble or pain you are the biggest motivator of each other.
10. You can talk anything nonsense without really getting bored.

You can be yourself without the fear of being judged.
Laughing with the partner is the best laughing because no one is judging you.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design credits - Vikas Kakkar
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