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A subway never really excites anyone; I mean who’d like the chaotic environment, unwanted smells and loud blaring noise of trains, right?
But, you know art has this unreal ability to make the worst of things turn into beauty; I think this is why art was created, to spread magnificence in the world. In a recent case, an artist who goes by the name of Ben Rubin took upon himself to mend the boring subway vibes and turn it into some exciting doodles.
The man takes interesting pictures in the NYC subway and then creates stirring illustrations by incorporating adorable monstrous figures. I can vouch that monsters have never looked this cute.
So, what are we still waiting for? Let us get and feast on some delicious doodles:-

1). Because A Cuddle A Day Makes The Stress Flee Away

2). The Lady Wants Some Piece of That Booty’licious Thing, And We Do not Blame Her, I Mean Look At The Curve!

3). A Perfect Picture To Tell That Love Sees No Age, Colour, Shape, Size Or Creed; All It Sees is Heart

4). A Little Sharing Can Give Immense Happiness, Eh!

5). I Do Not Mind getting Eaten Up By That Cutie, Also It Is My Favourite Picture From The Lot

You can visit to see more of Ben’s work. You can also follow the artist on his Instagram page, his handle is @subwaydoodle.
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- Shivam
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