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J.Lo, Lupita, and Cara all these stylish personalities listen to their stylists and trust them, so, yeah…we trust them as well.

Do you ever watch an award show, scratching your head and thinking how these celebrities even manage to look that good every time? The truth behind these beauties is only known by their stylists, and these celebs trust them completely. I mean, HOW to can someone look good- only then can know, as they tirelessly do their work and make their celebrity clients glamorous.

Let us also see their tricks:

1. Elizabeth Stewart

Tip: "Tailor everything for a perfect fit, paying particular attention to hem length and armholes."

2. Mariel Haenn and Rob Zangardi

Tip: "Wear shapewear. Period. It doesn't matter how in-shape you are, women of all body types and sizes benefit tremendously from a little extra help underneath their clothes. Even models wear Spanx! It helps smooth out any problem areas or bumps and helps any material slip on in the most flattering way. A solid shapewear basic that should be in every woman's drawer is the Spanx Short, which helps smooth out the tummy, hips, and thighs. As for other items, shop for the look specifically, especially if you have a special occasion. It's always worth it to get a little extra help."

3. Karla Welch

Tip: "These days there's really no excuse for having a visible panty line, as there are so many products on the market to prevent them. I recommend seamless underwear by Commando. Also, always carry a small lint brush in your bag."

4. Micaela Erlanger

Tip: "Fit is EVERYTHING. To ensure the perfect fit, take pictures from the front, back, and side, and if you have a three-way mirror, use it. Take note of how things lay on your figure from all angles and then invest in your tailor! They really are your best friend."

5. Erin Walsh

Tip: "Show a little ankle. It's a modern look and much cleaner than super tight-fitted pants that are just right or slightly too long. Have a tailor take your pants up to just above your ankle. It's always flattering and somehow always looks elegant. Or even go nuts with scissors if you are strapped for time."

6. Jill Lincoln and Jordan Johnson

Tip: "Find your uniform. Figure out what styles and shapes you feel and look best in, and invest in different versions of the same pieces. If you need to be creative, do so with accessories."

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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