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It's a beautiful sight to stumble upon if you come across the positive messages as you move on the road. Such Positive, coloured messages written in the 'positivity zone' inspires a lot of people in Vancouver. Messages are written by 47-year old Patrick Klough.

The artist Patrick Klough says ' He tried to get a busking licence for the sidewalk chalk messages but the city rejected his application for doing the same. This did not stop the artist from spreading positive vibes. He continues to do it since he moved from Victoria and settled to Vancouver since April last week.Neither did the rain or any other obstacle prevent him from doing what he is doing and he continues to work 8 hours a day writing these chalk messages.

'Someone else strength can help you' to' Love yourself first' beautiful messages are motivating the people there. Like everyone, his life is also a mixed bag of positive and negative things. However, he tries to imbibe only positive vibes in his life and also spreading the positivity in other’s life too.

He further expressed his love for art and says he just loves words and writing.

He further expressed his love for art and says he just loves words and writing. People in the city also love his idea of spreading positivity in the city. They state it is rare to find such sight in the city.
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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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