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Adversity faces all of us, but for us, the mere thought of losing vision, our dominant sense, is a horrifying prospect. But we always forget about the people who are living with this darkness and instead of helping them we tend to ignore them, insult them, humiliate them, treat them as if they don't have any dreams to live. The behaviour of the so-called normal people is absolutely abnormal towards this group of people but even then it does not prevent them from living their dreams and they dare to live their dreams fully.
They not only manage to do all of their daily tasks themselves but they tend to inspire everyone with their vision of life and spreading positive vibes to everyone. They do everything that makes them happy. They also like to play with soft toys and do everything that we want to do in our life but what we really do is make them feel inferior and abnormal.
But they always stay motivated and keep spreading positive vibes. These Quotes Beautifully Describe How Strong And Determined People With Disabilities Are:

1. There is no need to repeat yourself. We ignore you every time you make us feel inferior.

2. The only thing we regret we do not tell you to fuck off.

3. We are strong enough to let go off things.

4. We don’t find it necessary to explain ourselves to the ‘abnormal-normal’ people.

5. We are a diamond with a flaw but with the extraordinary skills.

6. We get encouraged by people’s discouragement.

These people are truly an inspiration for life and we should learn from them to remain happy in life

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design credits - Vikas Kakkar
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