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Italy – the mecca of food, fashion and art has always been on the list of die-hard explorers. The charming land provides a dozen of things to choose from, so if you are planning to pack your bags and set off to Italy, do not forget to try these ‘Ma Ma Mia’ things: -

1). Pizza And Pasta

Italy has always been recognized as a place where food is the priority and when it comes to pizzas and pasta, no one does it better than Italian chefs. Pizza in Italy is made via Neapolitan pizza-making technique which makes the dough very juicy and the crust very crispy. If we talk about pasta, the Italians have a distinct way of making the sauces which make their pasta different from the rest of the world.

2). A Vespa Ride

Yes, these uber-cool scooters are a signature style of Italy; you will find many people strolling around the Italian lanes on these scooters. So, if you are in Italy, you know what transport you gotta use, eh!

3). Super Cars

I don’t want to give in more but just FYI, brands like Fiat, Lamborghini etc. were found in Italy, which is why Italians are obsessed with luxurious cars and style. So, if you are an automobile enthusiast, Italy is just the place you’d want to visit.

4). Gelato

This Italian ice-cream is way too better than your regular ice cream because firstly, it is low in fat so you do not need to worry about your weight and secondly, it tastes way better than a regular ice-cream. So, do not forget to feast upon this delicious delicacy when you are in and around Italy.

5). Fashion

If you are a brand conscious freak, Italy is your dream place to be at. The place is home to brands like Prada, Gucci etc. and of course; do not forget to visit Milan, because you know, for obvious reasons. *sigh*

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- Shivam
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