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Wedding season is all about laugh, fun, themed bachelorette parties and so much glamour at the wedding venue. But if it is a winter wedding, then all the fun becomes double, because no sweating means more dance and rum in spite of beer. But the problems that usually occur in the winter wedding is about clothes.

Now it is winter, low temperature, freezing breeze, no more cut-sleeve dresses, off-shoulder blouse. Boys get their way out easily, with their three-piece-suit or blazers, but what about us, Girls! We search and search, scroll fashion designers’ Instagram profile, hunt for the designs to save us in a winter wedding, turn magazine pages over pages. And if we wore something from a summer fashion (that most of the ladies do) boys going to tease us and winter will give frozen thunderstorm to our bodies.

#1 Velvet Dress

If you are attending a church wedding or want to prepare yourself for a cocktail party, then a velvet dress in a bright, dark color can be the best choice for the season. If you want to show some skin, then get a long slit down, V-neck will make you look sexy and you will rock the party.

#2 Velvet Blouse

In your traditional attire for an Indian wedding, you can include velvet in your attire by wearing a blouse. It is the easiest way and common way, used by many women in winter weddings. This gives you a rich, classic look and also save you from freezing breeze.

#3 Velvet Long Embroidered Jackets

Go with some Indo-western look this season, and to get the look, you can ask your tailor to make a long embroidered jacket using velvet. Either you can use whole cloth or as trim or border. If you are even wearing your old cut-sleeve wedding blouse or anything from the summer wardrobe, it won’t matter because it won’t show.

#4 Velvet Plazo

Plazo is stylish, but think if you get them in velvet then they will work best for you to wear at a winter wedding. You can either team a velvet kurti over it or can wear a coat and traditional pieces of jewelry to balance the combination.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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