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Flamingo birds are cute and their pink color makes them girl’s favorite and we can also count them in the list of cute living creature on the earth. People have so many thoughts about flamingos in the head such as- why they are pink, are their young also pink or their eggs are pink? Have they created this pink in their traits or it is God's gift to them? How they live, what is about their nest?... and the list is never-ending.

So we thought to bring some facts about flamingo in front of you so that you can get to know these birds better.

1. Fire Birds

Because of their pink color, they got their name- Flamingo. And flamingo has taken from a Spanish word ‘flamenco’ which means fire, refers to bright pink or orange color.

2. How many species of flamingo are there?

There are six species of flamingo, including the greater flamingo, Chilean flamingo, Andean flamingo, Caribbean flamingo, lesser flamingo and puna flamingo.

3. Flamingo can track rain from 500km away

The lakes on which flamingo depends on are mostly freshwater, and soda lakes which they strain through their sieve-like structure in their bills. But the lakes on which they depend, are prone to drying. But they have a superpower to detect the rain even from 500km away. Actually, they are sensitive to minuscule drops in barometric pressure that signal oncoming rainfall.

4. Why are Flamingo feathers pink?

The bright color of the flamingo is because of the carotenoid pigment is present in them, which is also found in algae and crustaceans that make up the diet of the flamingo.

5. Are flamingos give birth to pink yolks eggs?

Flamingos are pink from outside we know, but they are also pink from the inside, too. Because of the presence of carotenoid pigment in them- which is responsible for giving the tones of orange, red, yellow and pink. Their skin is pink and even blood in also pink, but the most common myth that people have, is that their eggs are also pink in color, that is totally untrue. They feed their young directly from secretion produced in their throat that is also known as ‘crop milk’ and it is also in bright pink color.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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