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Lately, the Madrids have been gulping success shots, thanks to the newly formed duo of Benzema and Vinicius. The two have been thrashing opponents like anything and their chemistry has proven to play a crucial role in Madrid’s success ratio.

Many pictures of Benzema and Vinicius are doing rounds on Internet, which are a proof that the duo is really enjoying each other’s company. The chemistry was ignited right from Day 1, when Vinicius entered into the Madrid world. Benzema is turning no stone unturned to play an older brother/mentor figure for Vinicius.

Recently, Vinicius was heard saying: “Benzema is a player who has helped me a lot since I arrived in Madrid. He goes out of his way to help me and the team win.”
Benzeme also talked about playing with the young gun Vinicius, he said: “I like playing with Vinicius, he is a player who listens, takes in advice, and works very hard. I am in good form and wish to continue like this”. Following those comments, Benzema was quick to brush off any worries about a potential injury, “I actually got a knock in the first 5 minutes of the game. It hurt, but it isn’t too bad now. I’ll rest and should be good for the weekend”

Looks like the fiery duo will go places from here onwards!
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- Shivam
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