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If wealth, luxury and good taste of house interior put together, it brings some house that is delightful and beyond our imaginations. After seeing beautiful houses on Google and most of the time in movies, we usually build our dreams, to decorate our house is such a way. But, have you ever thought that how celebrities’ house look-like? No… don't worry, we have the list below of some most beautiful houses that will make you awe-struck and your mouth opened.

It is said that the house is the reflection of your personality, and this is the reason why each celebrity’s house is different from each other, because of the difference in their personality.

Let us see the list below:


Antilla is the house where Ambanis’ life, and it is the world’s most expensive house to be really well-made. This luxurious site of a house accommodates most of the modern day furniture and style and design with the latest advancement attached.


Mannat is the house of King Khan of Bollywood, it doesn’t even need any introduction. The adobe of Badshah is nothing less than a palace. A magnum opus this one is an elegant amalgamation of royalty and modernity.

John Abraham’s A La Mode:

Fewer people know that John is also an architect and he with his brother Alan Abraham designed his house in Mumbai. The house gives a true classic vibe, a very warm, contemporary and eco-friendly. This one is the most classic on in the list.

Irfan Khan’s Art-Sy Take:

The best artist for his finest acting skills has a lavish taste when it comes to decorating his house. While seeing the pictures of his house, you might feel that it more look like DIY and art-sy house and take you to another world.

Alia Bhatt’s Bachelorette Pad:

Alia Bhatt is the most beautiful spinster of the industry, and this cute girl has his own beautiful house with a youthful vibe. Her home screams comforts and it is very pleasant to eyes. She embellished her house with captions, colorful pillows and a touch of modern art.

Parineeti Chopra’s Chic World:

Parineeti is truly chic and we know her how much she loves to stay stylish in her own way, so as she decorated her house. Her house is what every millennial’s dream house would look like. With minimal furniture, cute touch carries lots of colors and the innocence of the ’80s and ’90s make her house very feminine.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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