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“To be in your children's memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today.” Being the parent you know what is best for your child but a lot of times it is seen that parents put too much pressure on the kids and mind you it may bring the desired result in the immediate future but you will fail to be in your child’s heart.

It is therefore important that you are not exerting too much pressure on them because every word you say become inner voice of them. You need to be extra careful about what you speak. Too much negativity, scolding and interference can have a negative impact on the child’s mind.

What parents need to do is raise the children through positive parenting. It will not only make the children happy but parents can get the work done from them easily.
Here are some of the positive quotes that will definitely guide the parents what they need to do:

1. Listen to your child

2. Encourage to take decisions

3. You are the child's first teacher

4. They need your presence

5. Expectations from your child

6. Spend valuable time with them

7.Appreciate your child

8. Don't criticize them in front of everyone

9. Don't compare them

10. Provide them happy atmosphere

11. Be polite

12. You need to be patient

Before going you need to remember 2 crucial things:

1. Parents can teach their children without breaking their spirit
2. They need to understand the logic behind their misbehaviour
Positive parenting is happy parenting.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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